Rotating And Turning Your Mattress

Most mattresses should be rotated regularly. Rotating helps to spread out the wear-and-tear that comes with sleeping in the same position on your mattress every night. Some mattresses are also double sided so can be turned as well as rotated. Make sure to check to label of your mattress to see if it should be turned or rotated.

  1. Rotate the mattress through 90°

2. If your mattress is double sided then turn the mattress over. If it is single sided then skip this step.

3. Rotate the mattress through a further 90°

  • Seasonal turn mattresses need rotating and turning over periodically. Doing this will encourage the fillings to settle more evenly.
  • It is recommended to rotate and turn your mattress once a week for the first three months. After this rotate and turn every 3 months.